Conquistador XII

Conquistador XII

Purebred Foals

Nymphaea M  pictured at 3 months old

This is  NYMPHAEA  M purebred PRE filly, 
born May 2010
Sired by Conquistador XII 
out of the Bocado mare Emotiva (grey)
Nobleza del Guadiana and Urquijo bloodlines
Born Solid Black, will grey (dam is grey)
bred by Andalusians de Mythos

Nymphaea hanging out with her friend Cortesana (middle) and half sister Castalia (right)

Nymphaea at 2 months

* * * * 

Below is MYTHICA M 
PRE filly, solid black no markings (will remain black)
Sired by Conquistador XII 
Dam: Terra, 100% Nobleza del Guadiana bloodlines
Born June 2010
Bred by Andalusians de Mythos

Mythica M at 2 months old 

Above left:  Apassionata M         right: Mythica M

These photos taken at 3-1/2 weeks old:

These photos taken at 14 days old:

Mythica pictured at 1 day old

Here is Mythica at 3 days old

Here is Mythica at 6 days old


* * * * * 

PRE filly, Born July 28, 2010, solid grey no markings
Sired by Comanche II 
Imported PRE Qualified Calificado stallion
 100% Lovera bloodlines
Dam: Querida K  (Lovera and Romero Benitez lines)
Bred by Andalusians de Mythos

Apassionata at 5 weeks old

The photos below were taken at 2 and 4 days old:

* * * * *

This is Coquetta, aka Coco
Purebred Spanish Andalusian 
filly born of the grey mare Bomba (Banbury lines):

* * * *